Senator Hammond and the Senate Republican Caucus Statement on Education Savings Account Bill Introduction

(Carson City) – Today, Senator Scott Hammond introduced the Education Savings Account legislation to structure and fund the program. The ESA program allows parents to use funds to cover the costs of their child’s education in a way that best suits the needs of that student.  Additionally, Senator Hammond’s bill would remove the ESA program from the Treasurer’s office and into the Governor’s Department of Education.

Senator Hammond’s Statement:

“I am proud to be introducing the Education Savings Account legislation that will finish the work we started two years.  Soon, Nevadans will have the most expansive school choice options of any state in the country and we must work to ensure the processes and opportunities are as streamlined as possible.  That is why my legislation will pair the Opportunity Scholarship and ESA programs together under a new office in the Department of Education.  It affirms that education choice is here to stay and will increase the visibility of the Opportunity Scholarships.  This increased visibility will help ensure that low income parents are more likely to combine the scholarship with the ESA program giving our most in need even more resources to succeed.  I would like to thank Treasurer Dan Schwartz for his work in getting the program off the ground and Attorney General Adam Laxalt for fighting to ensure it has an opportunity to succeed.”

Senate Republican Caucus Statement:

“The Senate Republican Caucus stands united in support of Senator Hammond’s bill.  We look forward to working with our colleagues to ensuring this very important piece of legislation is passed into law.”