PRESS RELEASE: Driving Us Backwards: Nevada Democrat Proposes Job Killing Plan

In a recent Las Vegas Sun article, Senate Minority Leader Aaron Ford detailed what would be one of his first pieces of legislation in the 2017 session. Senator Ford wants to enact legislation that drives Uber and Lyft from Nevada. His plan would cost 20,000 Nevadans their job and cut off a funding source for vital programs and projects, like the UNLV medical school.

“Senator Ford gave us a sneak peak of what a Democrat controlled legislature would look like,” said Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson. “Last session, Nevada made many strides under a Republican controlled legislature and we cannot afford to go backwards. Senator Ford is brazenly calling for the firing of 20,000 Nevadans who use Uber and Lyft as a way to provide for their families. Additionally, his reckless proposal would lead to increased DUIs and increased fatalities on our roadways while also cutting much needed revenue from our budget. I believe every candidate, Democrat and Republican, needs to state their position on this plan.”