Statement from Assistant Majority Leader Kieckhefer

Reno, NV – Today Assistant Majority Leader Ben Kieckhefer (R-Reno) released the following statement :

“Today Senator Ford and the Senate Democrats acknowledged that they have no chance of beating Heidi Gansert in the General Election in Senate District 15. It’s nice that they have come to accept that reality and demonstrate it so plainly. The other reality they reminded everyone of today is that Democrats did nothing to improve education in Nevada during their recent four years of unilateral control of the Legislature. It took Republican leadership in 2015 to make dramatic strides for education in our state, including a renewed focus on school choice, career-and-technical education, English language learning, gifted and talented programs, a “Read-by-Three” mandate, and new teacher incentives, all of which expanded under Republican leadership. It’s sad to see the Senate Democrats grasping so desperately for power, knowing that they’ll do absolutely nothing with it to improve education in Nevada.”