Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson issued the following statement

November 17, 2015
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Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson issued the following statement:

Today, the Clark County Commission decided to ignore state law to protect a powerful special interest.

The County Commission should know what it has done is illegal. The language of state law is clear, and the Legislative Counsel Bureau has already issued a legal opinion explaining in plain terms that the County Commission could not do what it is now doing. No Matter. The good graces of a single special interest and the prospect of a million-dollar money grab were simply too tempting.

Even worse, the County Commission focuses its unlawful attention not on ridesharing or delivery companies themselves, but on the thousands of Nevadans who have found new jobs and new income in these growing industries. The County is targeting their earnings and invading their privacy without any right to do so.

Rather than embrace a dynamic new business that Nevadans overwhelmingly want, the County Commission clings to outdated monopolies of the past. We have come to expect the County’s hostility to business, but its overt hostility to consumers and constituents is stunning.

I had hoped that reasonable minds would prevail. Sadly, my hope was misplaced.

Given this most recent example of the County’s eagerness to abuse its limited and delegated power, I ask that Nevada’s Attorney General, Adam Laxalt, examine the legality and constitutionality of the County’s entire business licensing scheme.”