PRESS RELEASE: Nevada Senate Republican Caucus Endorses Carrie Buck

October 15, 2015
Contact: Jodi Stephens

Nevada Senate Republican Caucus Endorses Carrie Buck

Henderson, NV – The Senate Republican Caucus today endorsed Dr. Carrie Buck’s candidacy for Senate District 5.

“Dr. Buck has demonstrated her clear commitment to education and the students of Nevada,” said Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson. “She is energetic and hard-working. She has what it takes to be a leader in Carson City.”

Dr. Buck has an extensive background in education. She served as an elementary classroom teacher, an English Language Learner Specialist and Adult Trainer, an Assistant Principal, and a Principal for the Clark County School District.

“Dr. Buck is an inspiring leader who makes a difference in her student’s lives. She works diligently to ensure they have the opportunity to succeed,” said Southern Nevada Campaign Chairwoman, Senator Becky Harris. “I have every confidence she will continue to fight for student acheivement as a Nevada State Senator.”

Dr. Buck has been a passionate advocate for Nevada schools for the past 20 years. In February of 2008, she was chosen for the National ASC Outstanding Young Educators Cadre, and in December of 2008 she won the prestigious Milken Award. In addition to being an award-winning educator, Buck has aggressively fought for grant dollars, private funding, and donations to help provide basic needs for students and their families.

“Dr. Buck is a strong leader and committed educator,” added Assistant Majority Leader Ben Kieckhefer. “I am thrilled to support Carrie because I know she will continue to be a champion for Nevada’s families. I’m looking forward to the innovative ideas Dr. Buck will bring to the state Senate.”

Buck lives in Henderson with her family.